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Introduction — why I started weight training

Getting started

Tech Stack

What are we going to build?

— what, how, why, and when we should use it?

1) What is a render prop?

<Route path='/page' component={Page} />const extraProps = { color: 'red' }<Route path='/page' render={(props) => (
<Page {...props} data={extraProps}/>

Before moving to the US

Timeline before moving to the US

1. Getting your TN Visa ( 3–4 weeks )

In the beginning of your career when learning React and ES6 JavaScript syntax, it can be confusing when to use curly braces { } and when to use parenthesis ( ).

How braces { } are used

const yellowStyle={color: 'yellow'} <Star style={yellowStyle} />
<Star style={{color: 'yellow'}} />
class PopUp extends React.Component {  // es7 way of setting default state
state = {
visible: true;
render() {
return <Modal onClose={this._handleClose}/>;
_handleClose = () => {
this.setState({ visible: false });


Mocha / Jasmine


What are they?

Why do we use it?



position: static

position: relative

position: absolute

Take an example

Leanne Zhang

Software Engineer

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